Quinta de Beiredos was renovated 3 decades ago when the old owners acquired the vineyard, known for its grape quality and maturation. On the heart of Santa Cruz do Douro, town with excellent conditions to produce the best quality grapes from Avesso, this winery contributed for the sub-region of Baião to show on the wine making areas. Nevertheless, hard years of harvesting, production and trials were needed, in order to sharpen the art and ingenuity, and create the top-quality wine we present today.

The next step was to take the Vino Verde from Quinta de Beiredos and show it to the world. Entering several blind tasting competitions, its single grape wine Avesso was awarded several medals. With these conquests, the decision to innovate and move forward was taken. Thus, the first ever Sparkling Vino Verde from Baião was produced, and the second on the Vino Verde Region. Just as our wine was shown and awarded several times, our Sparkling Wine was also put to the test. Taking a trip to France, to a blind tasting competition, facing the competition from Champagnes, Cava and Prosecco, our Sparkling Wine won a brilliant silver medal.

In 2016, new owners acquired the vineyard. The decision taken was to renew the cellar. Keeping the traditional way of taking care of our vineyards, and hand harvesting by the people from the town itself, innovation on the cellar was the key to bring our Vino Verde into this century. Together, these methods brought strength and belief that sharpened our passion and determination.

Also, a new path was taken regarding the old farm house. Bringing it back to life and creating more modern rooms. Quinta de Beiredos now shares its location, history and love for wine with everyone that decides to share with us this piece of land. With breath taking views, and our vineyard at our feet, clients from all over the world are welcomed and invited to stay with us.

This specific small town, Santa Cruz do Douro, sitting on the Douro river valley has a rich historical relation with 2 of the most important Portuguese writers. Eça de Queiroz and Camilo Castelo Branco, chose this location to spend several times on vacation, and get inspired to write their own master pieces.

The passion for what we do, and our love for the land, make us want to share our wine and vineyard with the world. We are a brand built on stamina and persistence, and we want everyone to be a part of this family.

Mission – Like the Portuguese language was spread across the world, Quinta de Beiredos wants to get to those corners where Portugal has its mark. We will reach out to markets that will love our wine and our way of living it. Just like the Portuguese writers wrote about how we are a people that is warm, welcoming, cultured, that has a vision of tolerance peace and sharing, we also want to share our taste and be part of this amazing world.

Vision – Sharing our wine with the world, with pride in our quality, showing the great products that we produce in Portugal with a grape that only grows on our region. We want to share this unique flavour, from a region like no other, so that all who cross us remember us.

Values – Tradition Passion Quality Bold